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credit: depositphoto.comAs a clearinghouse for orbital debris research, the Center strives to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date list of available research documents, both from within and external to the Center.  These documents are organized by major research/support areas and the links to these documents are provided.  For the open access portion of the library, links to the actual papers or reports are provided when they are openly available online, or a link to the publisher’s website is provided when a subscription or direct purchase of the document is required.

Consortium members have advance access to research and documents that are not yet in the public domain or that cannot be put into the public domain as a result of proprietary restrictions.  In some cases, paid subscription access to certain publisher sites is provided by through the Center to Consortium members.

To aid in the timely dissemination of research, the Center supports bi-directional publication alerts.  If you, as an interested member of the orbital debris enterprise know of a publication of interest that you feel should be included in the library, please provide the necessary information under the link below and we will try to post a link to the document as soon as possible.  If you are interested in receiving a notice when a new link has been posted, you can sign up to have publication alerts pushed to you on a weekly basis.