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Hawk, Daniel

President, Native American Unified Space Vision
Native American Unified Space Vision
3812 N County Line Rd

Research Interests: 

Carbon, Amazon Black Earth, Bikini Atoll, aerospace engineering, SmallSat-CubeSat Community, CubeSat Shuttle, Active Debris Removal, reuseable launch vehicle, and satellite detumbling


Submarine Navy Nuclear Reactor Operator, MBA


First Nations Launch, Tethered Aerostat Program, BisonSat


Army/Navy veteran, First Nations Launch and TAP coordinator, BisonSat ( MSGC), DOE carbon researcher, Team Leader

Professional Memberships: 

National Space Society

Selected Publications: 

Hamilton, T. F., Martinelli, R. E., Kehl, S. R., Hayes, M. H., Smith, I., Peters, S. K., . . . Hawk, D. (n.d.). A preliminary assessment on the use of biochar as a soil additive for reducing the soil-to-plant uptake of cesium isotopes in radioactively contaminated environments. 1-12. Retrieved June 23, 2016.