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  • Research Affiliates

    These individuals are involved in research to support the orbital debris enterprise. Research Affiliates may be located at the University of Maryland or at another institution. A Visiting Affiliate from another institution can arrange for a stay at the University of Maryland for the purposes of conducting collaborative research.  If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate or a Visiting Affiliate, please contact the Center Director.

  • Student Affiliates

    As with the research affiliates, some students supporting orbital debris research at the Center have appointments at the University of Maryland, whereas others are pursuing degrees at other universities. Typically, an student affiliate will be identified with his or her home institution faculty mentor who would also be a Research Affiliate of the Center. A visiting student would be one who has accompanied his or her research mentor to the Center for some period of time. To become a visiting student in the absence of their home institution mentor, the student’s research mentor should send a request to the Center Director. In the future the Center plans to offer financial support for Visiting Students, however at the present time the student must be supported by their home institution.

  • Administrative Staff

    These are members of the University of Maryland Aerospace Department that help to support the daily operations of the center.


  • Advisory Board

    These are designated representatives from each of our industrial consortium members and other recognized experts in the field that provide input and guidance concerning what research projects should be pursued by the Center.