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credit: depositphotos.comThe research efforts involved in addressing the orbital debris enterprise are an international endeavor, extending far beyond even the virtual boundaries of CODER.  The purpose of CODER, however, is to promote, facilitate and when possible even directly support these endeavors.  To offer promotional support, a database of current efforts worldwide is maintained, which has been divided into those being conducted under the auspices of CODER by its Affiliates, and those that are being conducted outside of the Center by other entities.

To the extent possible, the staff at CODER tries to identify such efforts and keep the database current.  However, to ensure the most accurate, complete and current information, we welcome you to submit your own description of research or support by you or your group, as well as to provide any substantive updates to this information over time.  We will do our best to update this information in a timely manner. 

A submittal form can be found below.

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